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At 'SPIN' we believe stories are the common thread that connect us all. We are a globalized team of experienced publishing professionals working together to impact cultural conversations through inspirational and empowering content and drive the strategies behind how those messages reach the marketplace.

Changing the Conversation, One Story at a Time

About Us

SPIN Literary is a full-service agency helping purpose-minded clients find their voice and navigate their way through the publishing and media world.

We are passionate industry professionals with decades of proven success establishing publishing strategies, ghostwriting, overseeing high-level publicity & marketing campaigns, creating & editing content, contract negotiations, managing media relationships, author & talent relations, establishing growth strategies, market analysis, and reputation management.

Whether you are starting out in the process and don't know where to begin, are a publisher needing someone to come alongside your team to build the “big picture” strategy, are an established author wanting to elevate awareness and build your brand, or are an actively engaged influencer ready to navigate your way into the publishing world, we help bring your vision to life and use our expertise to craft your story in a way that is engaging and reaches the right audience.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of highly sought after editors, writers, publicists, agents, marketing strategists, branding professionals, and publishing executives. This combined level of expertise allows us to partner on a variety of projects and lead strategies based on our collective skills.

We are devoted to impacting cultural conversation with messages that are both inspirational and thought-provoking.

We service clients from across the globe, with on the ground representation throughout the United States and Australia.

A Note From Founder - Jennifer Smith

With a distinguished tenure within the publishing industry, including launching hundreds of New York Times bestsellers, Jennifer is captivated by ideas that can change the world. “The written word is one of the most powerful forces for good,” says Jennifer.

A firm believer that relationships are the life breath of our work, this fuels her passion for delivering a higher quality of service to clients grounded in nurturing those relationships.

"When you lose the relational piece of this business to singularly focus on the bottom line, you are doing both your clients and the industry a huge disservice," said Smith.

Having held VP roles at two of the top five publishing houses worldwide, Jennifer has been responsible for acquiring and marketing the next generation of communicators and storytellers. {more}

Over her twenty-year career, Jennifer has been blessed to partner with some of the most prolific voices of our time and has worked with notable authors such as Former President Jimmy Carter, Former Vice President Al Gore, Former First Lady Laura Bush, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Karl Rove, Stephen King, Michael Lewis, Carrie Fisher, Joan Rivers, Patrick Swayze, Rhonda Byrne, Wm. Paul Young, Joel Osteen, Dr. Charles Stanley, Tim Conway, Devon Franklin & Meagan Good, country legend Brad Paisley, Cookie Johnson (Magic), Bob Goff, Dave Ramsey, Darryl Strawberry, Michael Phelps, Mackenzie Philips, and many more.

She received a military medal of excellence in 2013 for work she did to bring authors to U.S military bases and helped develop the undergraduate degree program for Publishing with Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. She has served as both a guest lecturer and Adjunct Professor speaking on topics related to the Business of Publishing, Publishing Trends, and Branding & Media Relations.

We are stewards of messages that have the ability to impact the lives of others, and with that comes a deep sense of responsibility." 

Never afraid to stand up for what she believes in, Jennifer leads with courage and integrity and brings those same values to the work we do at SPIN. She is committed to inspiring and empowering others and lives by the motto, 'people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.' 


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