Judith Curr, President & Publisher – HarperOne, A Division of HarperCollins: Jennifer is a smart and effective leader with an extensive list of contacts throughout the industry. She is trusted and respected by her colleagues, is engaged with clients and is tireless in her drive to get the job done. She sets a high bar for herself and others on her team and then strives to exceed it.

Wm. Paul Young, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of The Shack: Jennifer Smith is a relational conduit within both the publishing and media worlds. Even better than all her varied skills, she is authentic and trustworthy, bringing experience, creativity and intelligence to those fortunate enough to engage her services.

Liz Perl, EVP & CMO – Simon & Schuster: Jennifer is creative, agile and effective. She is a magician at talent management, having worked with an incredibly broad variety of authors, television personalities, religious leaders…you name it! She earned high praise from these clients, including the toughest ones. She is a strong leader.

Margaret Riley King, Agent – William Morris Endeavor: Jennifer is both professional and resourceful, with a natural instinct towards recognizing a powerful story. With every project I’ve worked with her on, her creativity and innovation has exceeded our expectations. She is simply lovely to work with and I feel confident knowing my clients are in the most capable hands.

Sarah Lieberman, Associate Publisher – Simon & Schuster Audio: Jennifer Smith is quite simply one of the best there is. A smart, effective leader, she is beloved by clients, trusted and admired by colleagues, relied upon by media outlets and a terrific and engaged example to her staff.  Jennifer’s intelligence and unwavering dedication to her work make her a powerful asset and someone you absolutely want to have on your team.

Laura Schroff, New York Times Bestselling Author of An Invisible Thread: I am forever grateful to Jennifer and her team for their incredible support of my book, An Invisible Thread. Due to the amazing support and relentless outreach to a variety of media outlets, the book immediately became a New York Times Bestseller and was on the list for a total of 39 times. Jennifer was not only passionate about my book but also enormously dedicated.

Jennifer Willingham, President – EPIC Agency: Jennifer is creative, resourceful and connected. Her attention to detail, superb organizational skills, and leadership qualities are unparalleled. She innately makes order from chaos and finds just the right angle for every project she leads. Additionally, she makes work fun and is personally warm, engaging and trustworthy.

Jennifer Duck, Instructor of Journalism - Belmont University: Having worked with some of the biggest names in news and entertainment, including Oprah, Katie Couric, and Anderson Cooper, I can say wholeheartedly that Jennifer has a knack for stories and ideas that always make me "tune in." She has the unique ability to understand where stories will thrive and takes the time to walk her clients through the process so they seem like old pro's by the time they have their first call with a TV producer. In such a fast-paced media environment, I depend on people like Jennifer and trust her judgment.

Becky Nesbitt, Executive Editor - Random House: If you want your project noticed in a big way, look no further.  From planning and development, marketing and publicity strategy to executing the details, Jennifer works tirelessly to make sure her authors are well-positioned in the marketplace. She has the experience to create a plan to fit any type of book and she has the network to make it happen. She’s simply the best!

SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt, Bestselling Authors of the Godwinks™ Books: Jennifer Smith is one of the media industry’s most inventive and engaging executives. She guided the successful launches of several Godwinks® books and helped build brand awareness while leading the internal team with Simon & Schuster.

Brian Mitchell, COO - The Working Title Agency: Jennifer has proven to be a savvy and effective leader through her excellent public relations and strategy work. I found her to not only show the ability to put my authors and clients at ease because of her relational nature and knowledge of the marketplace, but to deliver great results.


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